Your 2019 Dedicated Teacher winner is...  

Ahmed Saya from Cordoba School for A-Level in Pakistan! 

Out of 4,000 nominations, 50 shortlisted entries, and 6 finalists, you voted Ahmed Saya as the winner of the 2019 Dedicated Teacher Awards for his work in sculpting students who are 'good humans'.

"He’ll always be ready to spare his weekends whenever a student needs his help, be it academically or anything personal. I have seen him when CAIEs approach, he spends sleepless nights, conducting extra classes, catering each and every student’s problem so that each one excels. I have never seen someone who checks your homework every day in a class of 100 students just to ensure that each and every one is on track. He actually deserves this for working so hard to ensure that his students are good humans." 

Entry from Cordoba School, Pakistan

Ahmed Saya has been teaching for 18 years. After studying for his A Levels at Foundation Public School he immediately began to fulfil his passion for Accounting and Mathematics studying for a BSc Hons in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and later a Masters from the Institute of Business Management (IOBM). Currently Saya is associated with several A level schools and colleges, teaching Accounting and Mathematics as well as conducting teacher training for O and A level teachers. He is the COO of a psychometric testing and counselling organisation named Reveal Pakistan, where he helps to guide students to identify their strengths, weaknesses, inclination and aptitude thereby helping them choose a right career path. Along with this, Saya is associated with a school for underprivileged students called The Bridge School. He was nominated for preparing his students for life after schooling.

"Teaching is not a job, it’s a responsibility and this responsibility does not end when the class ends,’ explained Saya. ‘I don’t just want to cover the syllabus; it’s my responsibility to also teach students character, ethics and morality. I believe that every child deserves a brighter future and I am grateful for whatever role I can play in helping them to achieve this."

“I’m so grateful to my students who thought so highly of me. I am proud of them and I hope I make a positive difference in their lives.”

Ahmed Saya

Congratulations to the 2019 Dedicated Teacher Finalists

Abhinandan Bhattacharya, JBCN International School: Oshiwara, India
‘Abhinandan sir’ was a guiding figure, a friend and an agony-aunt, along with a fabulous teacher. His knowledge of English literature left us in great awe. He went out of his way to explain things that would benefit us not only for exams, but for the long run. I have asked him for help outside of the classroom umpteen times and he has always followed through. Not only did he see us grow from toddlers to adults, but we have also seen his transformation from a young and dynamic new teacher to a wise and senior faculty at our school.

Anthony Chelliah, Gateway College, Sri Lanka 

He made sure his subject of history was one in which inspiration and genuine interest developed.  In order to do this, he made a history room that was like a museum with painted walls of historic people, monuments and sculptures. He has made a difference by fostering multiple generations of students in the arts of debating and model United Nations, where he has elevated the skills of his students to heights they didn’t believe were possible. He has encouraged my dream of being a writer and debater by giving me the opportunity to take part in several competitions.

Candice Green, St Augustine’s College, Australia 

My mother suffers from Huntington’s disease and without the support she offered me throughout the year, checking up for me and offering to bring food for dinner into class for my family, without her support, the Higher School Certificate (HSC) would have been near impossible to complete. Her dedication meant every class was meaningful and each student’s needs would be focused on and no one would be neglected. My class’ constant need for help outside of the classroom with extra essays was returned by Ms Green within minutes as she sacrificed her own personal time to help her students improve no matter what.

Jimrey Buntas Dapin, University of San Jose-Recoletos, Philippines 

I had a very interesting teacher who taught me about acceptance of different culture without leaving the classroom through Skype in the classroom. His innovative lesson ideas and practices through technology enabled us, the learners, to have a deeper grasp on the diverse cultures of other countries. Through this endeavour, we were able to interact with students from different nationalities and backgrounds, and in turn share each other’s cultures and experiences.

Sharon Kong Foong, Sunway College, Malaysia

My mother was very ill and when I finally had the courage to tell Miss Sharon, she was so caring, asking about all aspects of my life, including something as little as eating healthy or if I had eaten last night. She once asked all her students to help her redecorate and clean up a small autistic school. She bought all the supplies using her own money and did her best. It looked so much better and brighter. I believe she is an angel, and that she touched not only my life, but countless others.

“My excitement and happiness simply cannot be put in words. This is indeed a momentous occasion for me. Thank you so much.” -Abhinandan Bhattacharya

“I am so unbelievably honoured to be a recipient of this award, thank you very much.” - Candice Green

“I am extremely grateful and appreciative of your recognition of me as a teacher and mentor to my students.” - Anthony Chelliah

"It is a great honour to receive this huge blessing from Cambridge University Press. I am truly delighted and excited!” - Sharon Kong Foong

“That’s great news, thank you. WOW! THAAAAAAANK YOU SO MUCH!” - Jimrey Buntas Dapin

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