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Brian Steene 

Mr. Steene is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever met. He taught me computer science (CS) at GCSE. I originally chose CS after much deliberation, because I intended to do economics at university. However, his passion for the subject was infectious and eventually led to me becoming completely engrossed. He recommended CS50x to the class, I ended up starting the course in my free time, and it led me to take CS at university. Even after GCSEs, he nurtured my interest in CS, even bringing in alumni who did CS at Cambridge to give us talks.

Entry from St. Christopher's School Bahrain

Rebecca Rios

She has always sought to do good to all, has always been dedicated to helping each student and has always been very creative about activities that help with pronunciation and practice in English. She has run two film festivals where students do the scripts, filming and act in English. This helped me and my friends with the pronounce and to be more motivated!

Entry from Colégio Experimental Integrado, Brazil

Thomas Pickett

Mr. Pickett was my high school biology teacher for both grade 11 and 12. The way he taught made me fall in love with the subject and am now majoring in human biology and neuroscience at the University of Toronto. He had confidence in me, and is pretty much the only reason I stayed through IB and enjoyed high school. Thank you Mr. Pickett for being such an amazing teacher, I hope to make you proud one day!

Entry from Saint John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, Canada

Qian Sun

I've learned a lot from Anna (Qian). What helped me is not necessarily her teaching skills and methods, but her mentoring during my rough time. When I first got into middle school, under the pressure of my heavy workload from school, I thought about giving up learning English. She realized the problem and offered me consultancy to help me reset my goal and lead me onto a better road of studying. Instead of just focusing on English learning, she gave me a clearer destination of my future, so that I could carry on my learning journey.

Entry from Cambridge Global Education, China

Donna Leventakis

A teacher that has touched my heart is my English teacher. The reason why I chose her as the most dedicated teacher is because she always believes in her students. With her love and patience, I overcame the anxiety I suffered from. The theatrical performances we put on every Christmas and Easter have helped me not only gain self-confidence but overcome my inhibitions as well. I am less nervous when I must speak to people now. Her faith in me has made this possible.

Entry from Donna's English School, Greece

Subramanya Swamy

Mr. Swamy has been a colleague of mine for two years. I nominate him for one reason: his dedication to the cause of providing quality education to the children under his care. I have seen him working on Saturdays and Sundays because he thought a particular batch of students preparing for board examinations required additional preparatory time.

Another reason I think Mr. Swamy should be considered, is his willingness to go out of his way to help his colleagues deliver their best. When resources were not available, he would find them on his own and provide to different subject teachers.

Entry from Kennedy High the Global School, India

Dhvani Pandya 

It was my first communication skills lecture and she chose me for debate, encouraging me that I could do it. I won the debate against 4 people on other side and from that day in every debate, every student in class says things like “oh they have him, they’re definitely going to win!” This has increased my confidence a lot and made a big difference in my life – I’m not afraid to show people who I am. Thank you so much.

Entry from Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology, India

Richa Dhawan

Her unwavering faith and support has allowed me to excel in my academic and co-curriculars. Richa ma'ams midnight call of encouragement before the FLE exam boosted my confidence and calmed my nerves.

She works all hours and is prepared to sacrifice her holidays for her students. She singlehandedly coordinates the IGCSE examinations and I have never seen her pass on her responsibilities. Her ability to multitask is astonishing as she teaches IB and IGCSE English, prepares students for Trinity examinations, and is the go-to person for script writing. Richa ma'am is an inspiration, an epitome of a dedicated educator.

Entry from Genesis Global School, India

Trivedi Love 

Mr Love is not just a teacher, he is a great motivator and has solutions for almost every problem. It was my first teaching job at SSRVM and I was a bit nervous. When I met him, he encouraged me with a sentence: “think about the days when you were in school, what did you want your teacher to do and how did you want them support you? Now do that with your students.” This simply changed my outlook! All the students of Mr Love leave his class with a smile and they are never bored. He makes learning beautiful.

Entry from SSRVM School, India

Sweeta Victor

There was a student who had a speaking disability from birth and other teachers struggled to make progress. Sweeta Madam taught him every day – and he too worked hard. Eventually, he was able to speak in front of the class as well as in front of any audience. He did so well in his public exams too. Sweeta Madam is a role model for 100s of teachers like me and 100s of students like him. Hats off to you Sweeta Madam. You are such a dedicated and inspiring teacher and administrator.

Entry from Queen's School, Parbhani, India

Eduardo Domingo

Mr Edu gave me a voice. Writing compositions was not my cup of tea and I stuck with “mainstream” plotlines. He taught me to embrace unconventional ideas and convey my thoughts fluidly through writing, not just earn marks.

But Mr Edu also exposed me to the theatre arts, recommending that I join the school drama club. I struggled to overcome the paralysis of stage fright, yet it was through his direction and guidance that I blossomed as a thespian, going on to portray interesting characters, from an eccentric artist to a friendly hunter in various performances.

Entry from Bina Bangsa School, Indonesia

Mariella Lorusso

It’s not easy to explain in few words why my teacher is so special. She is one of the most dedicated people that I’ve ever met. She taught me that learning a new language is not just a matter of studying, but also an opportunity to get to know another culture and a means to communicate with people all around the world. Whenever I felt like I wouldn’t have been capable of doing something, she was there, encouraging me and helping me understand that nothing is impossible if you put a little effort in doing it.

Nunzio Ingannamorte, Gravina in Puglia, Italy

Lara Croxford

Ms Croxford marked our entire class’ tests in under an hour because she knew how stressed we got and once drove an hour and a bit to our school just so she could tell us debating was cancelled. We discovered that every day she had to drive for an hour and a bit just to get to the school from her home and still had time to provide after-school clinics for those that struggled and those that strive for the top. After all this, she still teaches us with a smile on her face. Seems like true dedication to me.

Entry from Reddam House Durbanville, South Africa

Lisa Kroll

Not many people can get teenagers excited about rocks, but Ms Kroll is one of them. This year I joined a Model United Nations club run by her, but when I suddenly had to have major heart surgery, I was ready to give up. Luckily, Ms Kroll’s irrepressible enthusiasm and dedication weren’t limited to her engaging geography class, and I was inspired to stay. It was her encouragement that made me sign up for a life-changing school trip, where she was our mother for a weekend. Her influence will forever have an impact on my outlook in life.

Entry from Reddam House Durbanville, South Africa

Chris Lembalemba

My teacher would not have been very successful as a comedian, but when it comes to cracking up a group of A Level students to get them excited about physics, he succeeds beyond the measuring scale.

Whether it's his extra-terrestrial ideas to turn our school campus into our solar system (with planets placed scaled distances apart) or his miniature version of our national grid, or potentially it's his smile when he sees us walk along with him out of the syllabus and into the irrationality of each other’s questions; he inspires us to love physics.

Entry from Chengelo School, Zambia

Mie Olson-Kikuchi

During a school trip at another prefecture, I unfortunately had an asthma attack. Ms. Mie volunteered herself to go to the hospital with me even though it was near midnight while she was in charge of another grade and even stayed the night with me. She made sure that I felt safe and made jokes to help me settle down. Although she had to go home by public train instead of the school’s charter bus, during the whole ordeal, she had a smile on her face and handled everything at ease.

Entry from Nagoya International School, Japan

Patrick Mbogoh

Mr Mbogoh has been phenomenal influencer in my child's life. He accepted her when she joined the school a year ago. She has become knowledgeable, confident and he pushes her limits because he sees the potential in her. She can now tell you about the world and the different countries and events because of Mr. Mbogoh's passion for teaching. He is not only a teacher, but he also stands up for children and they can go to him whenever they have non-academic issues to deal with.

Entry from St Christopher's School, Kenya

Yawar Abbas

He gave me a sense of purpose in life. He made me believe that I am capable of doing marvels in science and it is because of his amazing teaching style that I’ll be pursuing a career as scientist. He goes out of his way for his students as he gathers tons of practice questions from several resources and every student of his has fallen in love with physics. The most special thing about him is that he never limits the knowledge he gives because he wants to educate us in science, not just the scope of the syllabus.

Entry from Cordoba School for A Level, Pakistan

Samreen Athar 

Biology was never my cup of tea, until I met this biology teacher in grade 11 who enthusiastically made the subject interesting. She's the one teacher who expected something good from me and saw a lot in me to make me feel like I wasn't the child that other teachers portrayed me as. She gave me hope and now I dream of becoming a cardiologist.

Entry from The City School Gulshan, Pakistan

Shanzay Jawad

From Constant pressure, to comfort, from disappointments to appreciation, from failure to success, was a journey of agony, pain, and patience. No one understood me, then Ma'am Shanzay Jawad, my high school English teacher, realised that I had good comprehension skills and great understanding about the subjects, but unable to write down my thoughts. I was unable to form letters and Ma'am Shanzay recognised and reported the problem. Later I was diagnosed with dysgraphia. Ma'am Shanzay has been a constant support, appreciating my efforts, and boosting up my courage and resultantly I reached A2 LEVEL studies.

Entry from Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan

Sobia Mir

In a room full of people, I felt like I was alone. I had to put a mask on because I didn’t want to feel weak. I’d be in class and out of the blue tears would pour out my eyes. The endless arguments in my house shattered my soul, I tried to be strong but nothing I did disguised my emotions from my teacher. Although being extremely busy, she spared hours for me. Because of her care and affection, I can proudly say that I am depression free. I am strong, independent and most importantly, I am truly ME.

Entry from The City School, Pakistan

Rashmi Kumar

My Rashmi Ma'am really means a lot to me. She recognized some of my talents and encouraged them immensely. Through her, I was selected for many competitions and was able have many great experiences.

As an English teacher, she handles her subject in an awesome way. Regular debates and daily idioms are a part of her interactive curriculum. She takes up a responsibility entrusted to her with utmost care and sincerity. She is truly worthy to be addressed as a dedicated and ideal teacher.

Entry from Indian School Al-Seeb, Oman

John Bren Dolor

Mr. John Bren M. Dolor is an environmental educator who is teaching at Bantigue High School, Masbate City, Philippines. He aims to reinforce positive learning through his advocacy "Plastik Ni Langga Project." The project aims to #BeatPlasticPollution by collecting, recycling and even selling the PET bottles. The proceeds will be used to buy books for the bereaved students in the entire city. His advocacy as a science teacher would be his stepping-stone to promote quality education. He always want to impose the importance of sustainable development goals by encouraging his students to live life with a purpose.

Entry from St. Agnes Academy, Philippines

Volkan Iner

Mr.Iner has an important effect on my English. Before him, I couldn’t even say “I go to the school.” In our first lesson, I was surprised because he came to class in a pirate costume. I listened to him and had a desire to learn because his pirate costume was intriguing. He also came to a lesson once dressed as a knight and we all clapped him because of his great teaching around this. If he wasn’t in my life, I probably wouldn’t speak and write in English easily. I owe a thank to Mr.Iner for all he taught me.

Entry from Ulkem Private Secondary School, Turkey

Selcuk Yusuf Arslan

He has incredible successes regarding female students’ development with technology; he enabled female students to create technology, and his students have won national awards for their work. His work ‘Girls in ICT’ has been used as an ideal example by many organisations and has won multiple awards. He has won over 20 national and international project competitions.

Arslan has been awarded Working Wonder Teacher by Microsoft, the Global Teacher Award by AKS Education Award, the ‘Most Outstanding Teacher of the Year’ by The Best in Education and the teacher that made a difference by the Ministry of Education.

Entry from Ataturk Vocational and Technical High School, Turkey

Matthew Okumu

He started daily continuous assessments in my school, helped students that did not have guardians with transport, communication and sometimes accommodation. He was a funny man that liked to keep the people around him happy but was also serious when it was time to get business done, he also liked to make new students and their parents feel welcome to the school.

He encouraged me to keep asking questions and never lost faith in me when I didn’t get satisfactory grades. He gave me his personal life examples in different situations whenever I needed help.

Entry from Vienna College Namugongo, Uganda

Attique Ashraf

I am a fairly good student, who is also an aspiring professional tennis player. Lately during my final IGCSE year, I had a terrible time balancing studies and sports. Other teachers told me to stop going to practice until my exams are complete, but Sir Attique constantly motivated me and believed in me, and supported me whenever I needed extra help with anything. This has helped me achieve good grades without compromising on my practice sessions. He not only taught me how to balance my life, but also taught me to believe in myself when everything becomes hard.

Entry from The City School International, Dubai, UAE 

Amy Nisbet

Amy has been the most welcoming person during my education so far. She was my tutor on my first day of college and I was so nervous. She made me feel welcome and has been supportive ever since. She came to my results day and celebrated my results and helped me to get financial support during a family hardship and recommended me to learning support as soon as I confided in her that I was struggling with reading. She has made my college experience so much more enjoyable and she is my absolute favourite teacher.

Entry from Gower College Swansea, United Kingdom

Vikki Creasey

I’m nominating Miss Creasey because she’s always been there for me. When I went through depression, she showed me the light, when I was in trouble, she helped me make it right, she helped me with my dyslexia, and helped me and many others with understanding emotions. She’s an amazing person and goes and makes sure everyone else is okay, before herself, she’s done so much for me, so I want to do this for her.

Entry from Skegness Academy, United Kingdom

Paul Douglas

Mr Douglas is Mr Geography Teacher! He is very enthusiastic about his subject and always recommends great extra-curricular activities and events. This has included arranging for me to attend student geography conferences at Sheffield Hallam and Manchester University, and encouraging me to continue studying geography when I leave school. He suggested that I joined the Royal Geographical Society, which gave me the chance to climb mountains in the Lake District whilst learning about glaciation. When I leave school I want to be a travel writer and visit as many countries as Mr Douglas.

Entry from Crompton House Church of England School, United Kingdom

Greg Saunders

Greg knows his students and ensures that if any activities are happening both within our college and out in wider society we get an opportunity to get involved. Greg has led a variety of activities that I have been involved in from Duke of Edinburgh to Student Union. With the help of Greg, I have been involved in experiences I never would have imagined – such as playing a role in the London Mayoral Assembly with Sadiq Khan and taking part in a youth council about development in our borough, Croydon. He has made my college experience truly amazing!

Entry from Coulsdon Sixth Form College, United Kingdom

Christine Hietanen

Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of this year. Upon diagnosis, she attended school every day, never letting her personal health crisis interfere with student learning and development. She never complains about her obligations or illness. She is truly a leader in education. She is an outstanding educator who never gives herself enough credit. In all my years, I have never met anyone who is as dedicating and motivated as she is. I truly believe she is deserving of this award.

Entry from USA

Sandra Crihfield

Dr. Sandy Crihfield has changed my daughter's life. My daughter struggled with her studies in early years. Since then, she never felt good enough. Dr. Crihfield has given her the confidence to know that if she works hard she can succeed. She gives up her planning time and lunch period every day to help students be successful. Her classroom is a safe place for students to state their opinions and "argue" in a polite and mature manner. They learn to respect others’ opinions and become global human beings. She is an amazing teacher who changes lives on a daily basis.

Entry from Sarasota High School, USA

Dominique Norbeck

Mrs. Norbeck's class was always something to look forward to. Her way of teaching was really funny but effective, and she would sprinkle activities throughout her lessons to keep things interesting and interactive. She was encouraging and understanding to students and helped me to get better at dealing with my social anxiety. Whenever I was having trouble, I knew I could talk to her and throughout presentations, her quiet encouragement kept me from panicking. She helped me become more confident in myself, and my high school experience would have been very different if not for her.

Entry from Palm Beach Central High School, USA

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