Tips for nominating 

1. Anyone can nominate - you could be a student, parent or even another teacher

2. Our judges are looking for nominations that are about one thing a teacher said or did that meant a lot to you. Tell us about a specific time or memory. The more focused you can be about that one thing, the more your nomination will stand out. 

3. We know you probably have lots of teachers you would like to thank, but to keep it fair, we ask that you only nominate one teacher per person. 

4. We bet you could talk about your teacher for days, but remember that we will only accept written nominations of 150 words, or video nominations of 2 minutes max. 

5. Share your nomination with your teacher - it will make their day! The reason we run the awards is to bring a bit of joy to teachers, so make sure you share your nomination with them either before or after you submit it. 

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For more inspiration, here are a couple of example nomination videos

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Nominations for the 2024 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards are now closed. We are currently reading about all your great teachers. Come back on the 25 March 2024 to see the shortlist. 


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