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Peggy Pesik - Sekolah Buin Batu, Indonesia

Australia, New Zealand & South-East Asia

"I'd like to nominate Miss Peggy because she is a committed Art teacher who was infected with COVID-19 last February. She continues to do her utmost to teach her students online from the hospital, despite the fact that she is still tied to oxygen and infused hoses. Nothing would be able to deter her from pursuing her dream. With all the difficulties, she managed to plan art activities, including our Virtual Arts Festival and Exhibition we’ve just had last year. She is a hard worker with many creations and innovations. She also tries to help us create our character by sharing inspiring stories. While teaching in a remote area in Sumbawa Island, she is also assisting local women in the creation and selling of a local handicraft, the Traditional Sumbawa Tenun cloth. This award is in recognition of her devotion and ability to go beyond expectation."

Nonhlanhla Masina - African School for Excellence, South Africa

Central & Southern Africa

"Ms. Masina co-founded an incredible school in her South African township community in 2013. Her best work occurred in 2020, when she took full leadership of the school. When the pandemic hit, Ms. Masina refused allow any excuses. She instituted Whatsapp classes because students lacked the internet access or home computers, then ensured that every student received internet data and an external keyboard from the school. She taught six classes herself, in four subjects, in addition to managing staff. The result is that last year, ASE achieved by far the best results it has ever had, and is poised to do the same in 2021. The level of dedication, toughness, and skill that Ms. Masina has shown over the past year is unparalleled by anything I have seen in education—or in any field—in my career."

Raminder Kaur Mac - Choithram School, India

East & South Asia

"Mrs. Mac has enabled me to transcend boundaries and envision the world with a different perspective. She engaged us in collaborative projects and discussions with overseas school students to explore SDGs and delve deeper into local and global issues. Being the TED-Ed Club facilitator, she provided us a platform to discuss topics like sex education, LGBTQ+ with rising awareness. Leading the school's enterprise 'Good Earth', she catalysed our crusade for bringing ecological sustainability and social responsibility, making us realise how entrepreneurial ventures can create a colossal impact. Through various exchange programmes, she provided unparalleled opportunities to develop knowledge and skills needed for global citizenship. She mentored us in our project 'The Amygdala' aimed at improving mental health of adolescents, connecting us with professionals and peers across the globe through international webinars, assisting us to grow both in scope and impact. She is a harbinger of change and my guiding force."

Anna Murray - British Council France, France


"Anna demonstrates our diversity values in everything she does; she leads our school book club, for which she has developed a diverse book list featuring authors and protagonists of colour, and tackling contemporary topics - and all while making sure these are accessible to students learning English as a foreign language. The impact on students is incredible. One commented this is the first time she has felt 'seen' for her identity as a PoC. Anna embeds EDI in the lessons she makes and shares and other teachers cherish her support. Her extraordinary work with one of her students who has an SEN and is nonverbal has led to the student making her first attempts to speak in English after several years of studying. In my time as a manager, I have never had a managee for whom I received so many emails of compliments."

Annamma Lucy - Our Own English High School Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Middle East & North Africa

"Ms. Annamma Lucy prepares kids for the road ahead in life. A teacher whose impact goes beyond the classroom. She has given up her personal and family time to be with poor students, visited Uganda, Iraq, villages in India, encouraged students to participate in the UNICEF Kids Power. As an EXPO 2020 volunteer she hosted rewired talks and encouraged students across UAE to participate in meaningful conversations on education. And I should not forget to say about the Learning journey Programme which she conducted free for all students across UAE during the time of Pandemic. She is an inspiration not only for me but for all teacher community. As a Social study teacher, I see her encouraging her students to respect women, patriotism, good deeds, and I am proud to say she is my colleague."

Melissa Crosby - Frankfort High School, United States

North & South America


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