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Out of 7,000 nominations from 112 countries, 60 shortlisted entries, and 6 regional winners, you voted Khalifa Affnan as the winner of the 2022 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards for opening up the world to his students. Congratulations Khalifa!

Regional winners 2022 

"Khalifa Affnan is a teacher at Keningau Vocational College, Sabah, Malaysia. Although the school is located in the rural area of the island state, he managed to offer the students international experience by setting up a cultural exchange programme between the school with South Korea educational institutions. The ongoing programme that started in 2017 has allowed his students to host students from South Korean schools and visited the country on a field trip. Attempting to elevate his students’ vocational education, he initiated a STEM project at the school where he trains the students in robotics, drones, coding, and other technology-based disciplines. His effort has resulted in the increase of active participation of female students as well as special needs learners in STEM activities. Many of his students have gained international recognition including third place at a 2018 Korean Robotics tournament and keynote speaker at a British STEM summit in 2020."

AboutEntriesPast winners

Khalifa Affnan – Keningau Vocational College, Malaysia 

Temitope Adewuyi – Fountain Heights Secondary School, Nigeria
Regional winner for Mid and Southern Africa

"Mr. Adewuyi embodies everything that a teacher should be and more. He arrives at school, despite a difficult distance of over 80 kilometres and a deplorable transportation system, appearing energized and eager to teach. You'll be astonished to learn that, despite these challenges and a low paying salary, he would offer us extra classes on weekends and after school to ensure we completed the curriculum. Mr. Adewuyi taught me how be a student. How to inquire. How to learn. How to be disciplined. How to never give up. In times where school gave me a hard time, he eagerly helped me get through it. He was my mentor. My academic father. My academic advisor even though he was just a Chemistry teacher."

Jeenath Akther Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh
Regional winner for East and South Asia

"Jeenath Akther has been a Literature teacher of Class 3 for nine years. Time and again she has proven her love and dedication towards her profession, students and colleagues. She has been infected thrice by Covid since March 2020 but yet continued with her virtual classes and was always there for her students day or night whenever she was needed. She never used her illness or family adversities as an excuse to avoid her duties. In the classroom she creates magic. Students look forward to her unique teaching methods which include games, singing, dancing and a lot of interaction. Her classes are influenced by her superb creativity and constant research. Her strongest qualities are her sense of humour, positivity and approachability. Her students and colleagues are never afraid to be themselves in front of her as they know that she would never judge them. She is a valuable team member."

Noemi Falcon Zora Neale Hurston Elementary School, United States  
Regional winner for North and South America

"My son is on the autism spectrum and was recently diagnosed with ADHD as well. He is in Mrs. Falcon’s Advanced Academics 2nd grade class. Mrs. Falcon has gone above and beyond to accommodate my son so that he feels inclusive in class and with his peers. She created a section of her class with an extra desk and asked me to bring sensory toys just so that my son could have an area for him to take a break whenever he got overwhelmed/overstimulated. She did this all on her own and she is not a special needs teacher. She helps my son be independent in order for him to feel confident in trying new things on his own. She is constantly communicating with me on his progress and how he is responding to his medication. She is very caring, kind, and loving with my son."

Uroosa Imran – Beaconhouse School System KG-1 branch, Pakistan
Regional winner for MENA and Pakistan

"Uroosa teaches a child who suffers from a rare muscular disease due to which he is unable to sit , walk or hold things in his hands. He also has a cochlear implant. The teacher supports him in all class activities and encourages him to work as other students. Because of her efforts , the child comes happily to school , participates in all the activities and is learning to express his needs and wants. His parents are extremely grateful to this teacher and the school, as before getting the admission here he was rejected by many schools due to his physical impairment. However, we believe in an inclusive education for all."

Dr. Mary Shiny Ponparambil Paul Little Flower English school, Italy
Regional winner for Europe

"Dr. Mary is an extraordinary person whom I feel honoured to nominate. She created Little Flower English school in 2017 with 21 children. That to, an Indian woman who came to Italy and has been doing wonders making impossible to possible. An English education is not affordable for Asian migrants in a country like Italy because its such expensive. She has been gone through many challenging times and she could achieve the registration of Cambridge International in 2018. Now the school had enrolled 175 plus children so far. She's such a down to earth person. A unique person who is humble, knowledgeable, understanding, helpful, kind, more and more. She holds a doctorate degree in Information Technology, 4 Master's degree, two Bachelors, five diplomas, many certifications from WHO, IEEE.. She has worked with no salary for three plus years to uplift the school. She's the best person to be nominated."

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